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Website maintenance is a crucial aspect of a successful online presence. Not only does it keep your website up to date but helps protect it against attacks, malware & hackers. Furthermore, Google now favours efficient websites that are fast and lean to appear at the top of your customer’s search results, so it is critical to keep your website nice and healthy to maintain your SEO rankings. Having Designsy maintain your website is easy, just pick a package and we’ll handle the rest.

Caring for your website

is always be cheaper than fixing it

Basic Care

For Websites With 1-4 Pages
$ 39
99 Monthly
  • Discounted annual payment of $519
  • Basic Hosting Included
  • Monthly Updates & Optimisation
  • Spam, Malware Protection & Scans

Advanced Care

For Websites With 5-8 Pages
$ 79
99 Month
  • Discounted annual payment of $870
  • Everything in 'Basic' plus:
  • Fast Cloud Hosting
  • 1 Monthly Content Edit
  • Performance & speed testing, Yslow & Google
  • Up to 3 Business Emails
  • Image & Cache Optimisation
  • Advanced Security Encryption - Blacklist, File Integrity & Malware Monitoring
  • Monthly Backup to hardpoint
  • Quarterly Performance Report
Best Seller

Pro Care

For E-Commerce & Complex Sites
$ 129
99 Month
  • Discounted annual payment of $1360
  • Everything in 'Advanced' plus:
  • Faster Private Hosting
  • Up to 3 Monthly Content Edits
  • Up to 7 Business Emails
  • Daily Security Scans & Activity Monitering
  • Weekly Backup to Secure Cloud Servers & Multiple Hardpoints
  • Database Encryption / WP-CLI
  • Monthly Performance Reports - Indepth analysis, hotspots, viewer clicks, top selling items, SEO keyword tracking and more
  • Monthly Health & Performance Report

What's Included:

Updates & Optimisation

Rest assured your site will be clean and fresh with weekly updates and maintenance.

  • Scheduled database backup
  • Monthly performance & seed testing, YSlow and Google PageSpeed scores
  • Daily data cleanup
  • Cache preloading & Gzip compression
  • Image compression and optimisation

Security & Prevention

Your website is monitored and protected from spam, malware and other common security threats

  • Daily security scans and Activity Auditing
  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Remote Malware Scanning
  • Blacklist Monitoring
  • Effective Security Hardening
  • Security Notifications

Backup Services

It’s always smart to have a backup, especially when there’s a rainy day

  • Daily, Weekly or monthly backups available
  • Set up automatic backup schedules
  • Secure cloud server backup
  • Multiple server and hard copy backup system
  • Database encryption
  • Supports WP-CLI

Performance & Reporting

Know where your customers are clicking, what items are selling fast and much more

  • Monthly google analytics report detailing traffic, clicks, page views and more
  • In-depth analysis indicating hotspots that viewers are clicking, top selling items and more
  • SEO keyword tracking
  • Detailed health and performance report


A good website (especially one crafted by Designsy) is much like a Ferrari. Yes you can park it outside in the sun & rain, never maintain it, never change the oil or tyres, but after a while it will start to cost you more to fix it than it would’ve to maintain it. 

Plus if you don’t have someone who understands your site and can maintain it smoothly:

  • Your website may not perform optimally, which will result in slow loading times and a loss of your Google standing and SEO search rankings, making it more hard for customers to find you.
  • Functionalities in your site will in time get out-of-date which is the #1 reason behind website hacks. We strongly recommend keeping your website up to date, and because our team crafted your site architecture, we know exactly where and how to optimise the security, speed and efficiency of your site.
  • In the event of an attack or crash, there will be no backup or restore points and you may lose all your content and Google rankings you would’ve invested in
  • You won’t know how your website is doing. There won’t be a monthly performance report showing you where viewer interests are etc…
  • Most importantly, is time. Time is the one thing you can’t get back. You can always earn money back, re-design or rebuild. But the time we can save you and your business which you can spend doing other things, that’s invaluable.

No, there’s no lock-in’s or contracts. You can go up or down on your plan as much as you want or cancel at no cost.

As much as we provide the latest and up to date security options WordPress has to offer, we cannot predict the future.  We cannot guarantee that your website will never go down, become hacked or go offline as anything is possible on the internet (Unless you have a million dollar firewall budget like the Pentagon). However,  in the rare case something like this does happen, we do promise to do everything in power to protect your website from malicious harm. We have strict monitors in place and if anything like that were ever to happen, we will promptly assess the issue and do our best to implement a quick response.

Yes it does! We’re a big believer of freeing up time for every business owner, as the stresses of your business is more than enough to be worring about transferring hosting, waiting on the phone and all that nonsense. All of our plans come with a hosting solution which is backed by the world’s #1 voted hosting provider. The Advanced and Pro care plans have faster cloud hosting and we can even set up a VPN server for maximum speed. Just ask us how.

We backup your site monthly with the basic plan, weekly with the advanced plan and daily with the pro plan.

Cancelling is easy (as much as we’ll miss you!), just shoot us an email and we’ll cancel your plan at the end of the month and send you all the documentation, files, settings and credentials for you to manage and take over.

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