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How It Works

1. Tell Us Your Needs

Let’s get started by getting all your ideas and vision on paper. Complete a design-brief online to give our designers and business development team an idea of your goals, branding style and target audience.

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2. We Craft Your Website

Sit back and relax as Designsy’s team of expert designers get to work bringing your vision to life! We collect your images, logo and content to ensure a quick and smooth process. Within a few working-days we will send you a blueprint-demo for your feedback and review.

3. Revise & Approve

Once the Designsy team has finish building your website, we’ll submit it to you for the all-clear. If you wish to make any revisions we can complete a revision cycle here. Edit anything from colours, pictures, wording and fonts.

Making a revision can be as easy as sending a message over a morning coffee, or as thorough as writing a 3 page essay to your dedicated project-manager.

4. Launch Day!

Once your happy with the design, our expert team will start prepping your project for lift-off. We’ll set you and your team up with professional emails and business numbers. On the nominated day, we’ll launch your website for the entire world to see! How exciting is that!

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