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Our Business: Your Business

At Designsy, our sole purpose is to serve you and your business’s needs. From your website, to weekly maintenance and digital marketing… We will fully take care of your digital presence and free up time for you so that you can take care of what’s truly important; Your Business.

Website Design

Web design to us is more than just pretty pictures on a screen. It is a natural extension of your brand's story. Unlike others, our designers don't use cheesy templates. Instead, we like to dive deep to immerse ourselves in your industry and brand; only to resurface with a tailored website that will cut straight through the noise to your ideal customer.

Care & Maintenance

Keeping your website healthy is crucial. Regular care & maintenance keeps your website running fast & efficient, secure from threats and easier to add and edit content. A web care pack will not only ensure your website gets all it's daily updates, but we also run weekly diagnostics, security checks and scans as well as a monthly health & performance report sent straight to your email.

Digital Marketing

From social media marketing, to SEO and even customised email campaigns. Our comprehensive digital marketing strategies will capture, engage, and convert your target customers across multiple channels to maximise your ROI.

Branding & Logos

Logos, copy-writing, typography, graphics & more! In an overcrowded world where brands try and fight for attention, a company with a vision, story and a solid brand stands out from the competition. Our immersive creative branding process will equip your business with a brand your customers will never forget.

Business Materials

From fancy transparent business cards to catchy brochures & flyers. Designsy can not only bring your idea to life, we can do all the graphics, marketing materials and even source products & packaging and ship it straight to your door. Now isn't that easy. Designs made easy; Designsy.

Professional Copy Writing

Get a professional business copywriter to go through your content and simplify your brand message for your customer. Your personal copywriter will edit your content, story, user flow and marketing materials. We have various packages to even go through and edit business plans, marketing pitches and any business content. Shoot us a message today to see how a professional copywriter can benefit your business.

Got a big project? Sometimes you need more than a standard website. A custom project is a uniquely customised business-platform that not only works as a front-end website, but carries a lot of the heavy lifting in your business operations. These range from: Functional tools & schedulers, automated systems, special payments, membership services, integrated systems, marketing, custom functionality and much much more. You’ll have your own dedicated project manager, design team, coding team as well as biz dev and marketing consultants. Tell us a bit about your project needs and we will get in touch with you within 24 hours.


so when do I make payment?

After the initial design brief you will be presented with selected website packages. Choose the one that best suits your business’s needs and complete payment for a quick and smooth start to your project. Alternatively, payment plans are available as well.

Can you make my logo?

We sure can! The great thing about designing your logo, marketing and website together in one place is that we can design everything to flow and interact with each other perfectly.

what about maintenance?

Just like servicing your car, your website needs maintenance, security sweeps and updates to keep it in healthy shape. As technology upgrades so quickly these days, so should your website. We have Web-Care Plans to keep your website lean and mean, preventing it becoming sluggish and lagging behind.

Can i upgrade my hosting for better speeds?

You sure can. On top of the basic shared hosting, we offer business hosting, cloud hosting and virtual private servers. These can be found on the different care & maintenance plans.

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What if i want more revisions?

Each website package has a different set of revision-cycles. However, in the event you want more revisions you can add another revision cycle for $140 or upgrade to the next plan.

What is a “revision-cycle”?
After our team have submitted a demo for you to look at, you can go through and list all the things you would like edited. This could range from: Fonts, colours, images, text, content and even links. Once you’ve submitted your Revision List, we will analyse your revision and get our back-end team to alter it to your specifications. 

How do i get my website seen?

Have a chat to us about the next steps. Investing in marketing to get your business seen is crucial to success in this modern day and age. We want to understand your market, offering and ideal client avatar to find the best marketing strategy to convert would-be onlookers into purchasing customers. Whether it be Google, SEO/SEM, social media marketing, email campaigns and/or affiliate programs, we’ve got a range of marketing options for every budget.

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